Quest Bars Cause Chest Pain

I love Quest Bars. They are delicious, chewy, and high in protein. I particularly loved the Chocolate Brownie flavour. In fact, I used to eat one or two a day as a way to get in some extra protien and satisfy my chocolate cravings. I did that for a few months and then I started getting chest pains.

Good food. Bad packaging

In my local grocery store I have two choices for spinach both of which force me to choose between either health or environmental protection. I can either buy …

Curing a cold

I had a bad cold for 7 days and it made me miserable. It morphed from blocked nose, to runny nose and sneezing, to dry cough, to hacking cough etc.

Progressive Weight Loss Strategy

I’m at the beginning of a weight-loss cycle but I’m going to approach it a little differently this time - I’m going to do it gradually.

Commit or Admit

When it comes to making a change in life, there are two choices:

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